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用勤奮的精神開創未來 用樂觀的態度面對挑戰 用關懷的心胸接納一切 用創意的思考打造人生










Toyama Elementary School (International Education Experimental Primary School) was established in March 1972, and is now an independent school. Located in Taitung County Pu Nanxiang the eastern side, adjacent to the West Pacific, mountains and beautiful scenery. School area covers fishing grounds, assassination Tong, Sugihara, county and other agricultural and fishing villages and the Jialu Lan tribe, is a simple Amis community. In addition to Toyama Campus, there are two schools, namely, "Liji Campus" and "Fuyuan Campus" (which have been abolished and students are transferred from Toyama School Bus).

The school is located near the only beautiful beach in Taitung County. There are well-known eco-attractions in the school district - "Toyama Fisheries Resource Conservation Area". In recent years, the Taitung Prefectural Government has vigorously promoted tourism, has attracted many foreigners to settle or live in the Toyama Elementary School area, so the Toyama life circle has gradually formed the ethnic and cultural diversity of the international village. In the school district, there are multiple ethnic groups, languages, ethnic groups, food and lifestyle, and Toyama Elementary School in this environment, in addition to the beauty of the sea and the natural landscape of the inherent advantages, the development of international education more macro , The future arrangement of international education and English by the school curriculum, look forward to training and shaping the eyes of the world's citizens.

In recent years, due to the low birth rate phenomenon and the impact of the outflow of tribal population, the number of students facing declining year by year plight, and the school to understand this trend, has been actively planning to transform into "providing quality international education bilingual environment, so that children can learn professional cheerful growth" , The school attaches great importance to the basic ability of children learning, but also combines the characteristics of the ground, pay attention to the future facing the needs of internationalization, the continued development of "international education" as the core of school-based curriculum, uphold the professional thinking and action, Continued development.

In the 105th school year, we began to experiment with school-based experimental schools, and we are looking forward to developing a new educational business opportunity for the school. Through this course, we will teach the international citizens who are proficient in international language and international literacy.